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I'm glad you've found your way here. If you've read my books, I hope you enjoyed them every bit as much as I did thinking them up. If you're my mother, I'm shocked at you! Just kidding.

Writing romance is a funny thing. Although you never intend to, you always get swept up in your characters' lives. Well, at least I do. I really do want my lovers to have happy endings. The journey there may not always be an easy one, but they'll get there, eventually.

Every story I write begins with a simple question: What if?

What if a soccer mom is the secret love of a wildly famous rock star?

What if a reformed bad girl falls in love with a straight-laced man who wants to be bad, too?

What if a culture that seems to lock up their women and force them to marry multiple husbands is actually a matriarchal society that rules with a soft, but steely touch?

And what if a woman finds out her unrequited love for her boss is reciprocated in full, thanks to a very special kind of genie?

These are the things I think of when I sit down at my keyboard and begin building worlds.

What if ... Well, that's what I hope to figure out.


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